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A picture tell us more than 1000 words, isn't that right?

The painting describes the struggle deep inside ourselves. However, in the genes of man is to hunt what he cannot have at the moment. Every man has an innate line of the wild in himself as well as animals. The similarity between animal and man is enormous when we mention deep love and commitment except that man is capable also of his inner struggle to other  secret feelings like hate, anger, love, fear of rejection, his ego, his hidden intentions, lust, narcissism ... while on the other hand the animal is simply a predator, protector or rebel but with a pure heart and with clear intentions that man can only be jealous on that clarity and freedom. Who wins in that eternal battle?

The painting seeks in each observer a particular feeling separately.

Im a just “not good talker” thats why use my mind and arms.

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Linen on pile wood frame

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